Add an Etsy Shop Link on Facebook

I have to admit, even though I’m marginally “up” on technology and computer use, in many areas I’m behind the times. One of these areas is Facebook. I realized this today while trying to work on a Page for my Etsy Shop. One of the problems I ran into was the little buttons/tabs/squares near the top that apparently you can add apps to, and make your page all cool.

The defaults are Photos and Likes, but I also wanted some way to have a link to my shop there. I checked out a few other apps, like Etsy Showcase and Etsy Theme Shop, but they created a whole new page (on the facebook page) with my shop contents squished into a new format. It was weird, and I didn’t like it. I just wanted the simplicity of having them go to my site on Etsy, where it already is.

Ehh. This isn’t really what I was looking for…

So, I found a simple Static HTML tab¬†app. It gives you the option of making your own cool html page, which I may want down the road, but it also had a simple, glorious option: redirect to URL. Thus, when someone clicks on my “Shop” tab, it opens right to my shop page on Etsy. Brilliant!

Just in case anyone else was looking for something more simple, I thought I’d make a little walk-through:

First, click here and install the app. It will take you to Facebook (Log in if you need to). Then you’ll need to authorize:

Next, if you are logged in to your personal account, go to the next step. If you have been logged in to your “page” account, then: Wait, it wants me to log in to my regular profile? No, I want this to go on my page!! That’s what I thought, too, but you actually just sign in to your “real self” to authorize, and then it will let you put the app on your page. It’s all good. :)

After you are all set, you will pick what page you want this app to go on. Then, you will come to the admin/settings section: a list of options for what you want this tab to do:

You can change your tab image now, or come back to it later. Then, move down to the larger html section. Instead of an html page, we want to choose “redirect.” Add your url, make sure the name of the tab is what you want, and save!

Now we’re all good to go! See it in action on my facebook page, and give it a try!


Adios Amigos

I’ve had to shut down my Etsy shop and design work for now. This blog may rise again at some point, but probably not! Moving on to new stuff. ;)